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Charlottesville lessons

The real lessons of Charlottesville
F. Paul Valone
August 18, 2017

Step right up, Mr. and Mrs. America, and take a front row seat to the greatest show on earth: the balkanization of what was once the greatest country on earth. 

Unless you live under a rock, you know about the clash between what the media loves to call the “Alt Right” and violent leftists from Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” and others, resulting in the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the video of communists and anarchists from the “Triangle People’s Assembly,” “Workers World Party,” “Industrial Workers of the World,” “Democratic Socialists of America” and, of course, the ever-present “Antifa” toppling and destroying the Confederate statute in Durham, North Carolina.

Perhaps you are sick to death of the ostensibly “mainstream” media carping about which statutes commemorating Confederate figures must be removed, or about Baltimore and other cities quieting eradicating such statues to avoid inflaming (Heaven forbid!) what Donald Trump aptly dubbed the “Alt Left.”

What you should momentarily ignore

But none of those things represent the central lessons of the Charlottesville debacle and the left wing feeding frenzy in its wake. In the interest of keeping your eye on the ball, there are things you need to ignore.

Forget about whether such statutes represent the history of states’ rights or that of slavery. Forget, for a moment, the cowardice of Republicans and business leaders alike as they run for cover. Forget about the media jackal pack and its incessant biting at the ankles of the President of the United States. Forget even about the hypocrisy of the left trying to blame the debacle on Trump when, during the Obama administration, they were quite silent when the Black Panthers practiced open voter intimidation – with baseball bats – at polling stations in Philadelphia, or when Black Lives Matter and its ilk rioted and looted in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, and elsewhere.

Momentarily ignore all of that. As we will discuss later, never assume any part of the political process is honest. In this case, the left’s selective outrage is just another example of Rahm Emanuel’s principle that good leftists should “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Moreover, outrageous as those things may be, they pale by comparison to the fractionalizing of our political debate, our citizens, and our country.

Initially, Democrats and a few self-proclaimed “Republicans” thrashed Trump for having failed to sufficiently denounce white supremacists or for having failed to name one of their number for Heather Heyer’s murder. (Never mind that nobody, including Trump, knew for sure the murderer’s motivations until days after the crime). To the jackal pack, it is irrelevant that Trump loudly and clearly denounced extremist violence and that, under similar circumstances, Barack Obama, faced with terrorism at Ft. Hood by a killer screaming “Allahu Akbar!” never attributed the killings to anything more serious than “workplace violence.”

Was Trump wrong? 

Fast forward to Tuesday. Despite cowards in his own party who refused to stand with him and equally cowardly heads of corporations quitting his advisory council rather than face leftist retribution, the President steadfastly maintained that “both sides” were responsible for violence, and that counter-protestors were “very violent.” Yes, he specifically denounced the KKK and neo-Nazis, but was he right in saying counter-protestors were violent? Did they produce at least some of the clashes? 

If indeed the President was wrong, then he deserves whatever he gets. But if Trump’s narrative was accurate, then the media’s laser focus on conservatives means Adolph Hitler’s “big lie theory” is very much alive in America.

Let’s ignore those on the right who said counter-protestors attacked with “mace, pepper spray, bricks, sticks and foul liquids,” as they have at other demonstrations. Instead, to see whether Trump was right, let’s look at accounts by witnesses on the left. Helpfully, the Los Angeles Times – not exactly a bastion of conservatism – ran a piece called, “Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here's what witnesses say.”

Jordan Green, quoted from the leftist publication “The Nation,” said white separatists “commanded the steps at the southeast corner of the park, repelling attempted incursions by Wobblies [a nickname for “Industrial Workers of the World”], communists, and a multiracial cast of irregulars eager to fight back.”

Wait: “Incursions” by the leftists? What exactly does “incursion” mean? It means “an attack on, assault on, raid on, invasion of, storming of, overrunning of, foray into, blitz on, sortie into, sally into/against, advance on/into, push into, thrust into…”

Again, this is the left speaking. And who does Green say the attackers were? The leftists, of course.

Then we have another leftist publication, “Unicorn Riot” (I couldn’t make that up if I wanted to), which said: “Police then pushed the white supremacists out of Emancipation Park, and closed the park.... Unable to continue rallying in the park, the white supremacists took to the streets, where they were quickly followed and confronted by anti-racists. Several more extremely violent fights took place, with police looking on from their nearby substation.”

“[F]ollowed and confronted”? I’m not condoning the actions of white Supremacists, the KKK, or neo-Nazis (although undoubtedly I will be accused of exactly that), but as Donald Trump correctly said, it appears leftists were responsible for at least part of violence.

Oh, and here’s something both sides can agree on: As confirmed by leftist “Mother Earth News,” the Charlottesville police stood back and let it all happen. Remember: however reprehensible white supremacists’ message might have been, they were the ones who legally obtained demonstration permits and should have been protected by police.

And what happened when the President dared utter the truth about Charlottesville? He was roundly denounced as a “racist,” of course, not just by the usual crowd of Democrats, media and assorted leftists, but also by cowardly Republicans and nine corporate executives who deserted the president’s manufacturing council, leading to dissolution of both that council and Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum.

Charlottesville lesson #1

So here is lesson number one from Charlottesville: thanks to multi-generational efforts by the left to infiltrate our media, cultural institutions and schools, it is no longer possible to speak the truth in the United States – at least not on topics the left opposes, and not without being punished for your beliefs. Censorship is here, and it is being brought to you by the same folks who ironically accuse you of being a “fascist.”

And what are the implications of that lesson? 

Ignore those who insist we must “dialogue” with the left. That has already been tried, resulting only in decades of getting your nose rubbed in your own honesty. What you face isn’t merely a difference of opinions resulting in the polarizing of American politics; it is a deliberate strategy being applied by the enemies of our culture.

Stop apologizing. It isn’t justified, and it will never be enough. As conservatives, we are no more responsible for the actions of the KKK than Barack Obama was for the actions of Black Lives Matter (well, maybe that wasn’t such a hot example).

And finally, stop thinking that purging monuments to American history has anything whatsoever to do with slavery. If it did, the party of the KKK – Democrats – would have long since been burned on its own cross. When Trump asked whether George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be the next statues purged, we didn’t have to wait long for the answer. Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center in Chicago, is demanding removal of Washington’s likeness from the city’s Washington Park.

In actuality, you are being “punked” by “workers’ parties” and ostensible “anti-fascists” (or whatever fascists, anarchists and communists call themselves today) who calculatedly fomented violence in Charlottesville to scapegoat the right and destroy your society. After all, you can’t begin building the Great Socialist Utopia until you destroy the existing society.

Indeed, the truth is becoming so obvious that even The New York Times can no longer completely ignore it. After attempting to write off Trump’s “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides” condemnation as pandering to his base, they finally admit (albeit dismissively) that: “In this version of events, a violent and dangerous left fringe is ignored by news media that would rather elevate far-right extremism as the nation’s more urgent threat. This view of the left as unhinged and anarchistic has become popular with some Republicans who insist that Democrats still refuse to accept Mr. Trump. And it stokes the powerful emotions behind perceptions of excessive political correctness and media bias.”

News flash for the Times: That so-called “version of events” is the truth.

Charlottesville lesson #2

Charlottesville’s second lesson is this: That the messenger is repulsive doesn’t make the message wrong. 

During the Clinton era, The Charlotte Observer ran one of my columns, “Barometer of discontent,” in response to a rash of unstable individuals trying to breach the White House wall. My thesis was that when confronted by accelerated erosion of orderly society, stable people responded with ballots while unstable people climbed the White House wall. Regardless of response, however, both were responding to the same pathogen.

Unfortunately, that’s what we saw in Charlottesville, and will undoubtedly see many times hence. You might revile white supremacists, but understand that they are responding, in their own flawed fashion, to the same aggravation you are: Namely, the deliberate destruction of American society by the anarchists, fascists and communists of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and their ilk.

Understand too that far from being isolated phenomena, BLM and Antifa are more extreme extensions of the same, albeit less violent, political left which now seeks to neutralize and obstruct a lawfully elected President of the United States.

I often tell students in my legislative seminars, “Do not assume any part of the political process is honest. It is not.” Similarly, do not assume for a moment that you can reason with the American political left, or that they can be “educated.” They cannot. They refuse to be.

Your opposition – and your opposition alone – created this hostile tenor in political discourse, a la Saul Alinski and his “Rules for Radicals,” with the intent of overturning your Republic. If you fail to realize that, we will lose.

Charlottesville lesson #3

Here is the final lesson of Charlottesville: It is entirely plausible that peaceful resolution of the two competing worldviews – that of a Republic of limited government and free citizens versus the socialist utopia of central control – might no longer be possible.

If you read Tim Daughtry’s book, “Waking the Sleeping Giant: How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals at Their Own Game,” you will learn that after failure of communist expectations that workers would simultaneously revolt at the onset of World War I, Marxist intellectuals reverted to a “long march” to take over cultural institutions, media, and schools.

They have succeeded. You have only to watch a segment of “Watter’s World” on Fox News to see college students who can no longer identify who founded their government or why. (Or for that matter, how it works although, given the first two premises, that might not be such a bad thing.)

So what happens now? More violent unrest, probably from both the left and right. More purging of American history – not only by leftists with an agenda, but by cowards on our own side who hide behind political correctness in refusing to name that agenda for what it is: The attempt to destroy American society.

Whenever possible, I prefer to quote leftists because when they finally concede the truth, it can no longer be denied. So pay attention when The New Yorker interviews Keith Mines, a state department official who spent sixteen years studying civil wars around the world, who now concludes there is a sixty percent chance we will experience a civil war in the United States within the next ten to fifteen years.

Yes, you heard that right: a sixty percent chance of a civil war in the United States (If you need some “encouragement,” Mines’ estimate ranges toward the high end. Other experts’ consensus runs around 35%.)

You see, the wild card lies in the third group at the Charlottesville demonstrations the ostensibly “mainstream” media ignored: American militias. These folks aren’t white supremacists, KKK, Nazis or other whack jobs. They have spent decades quietly equipping and training, and understand the purpose of the Second Amendment has nothing to do with duck hunting and everything to do with providing the last in a series of checks and balances against the possibility that government – our government – might become tyrannical.

The militias were the armed group in Charlottesville that did not partake in the melee. They were the Oath Keepers, backed by other militias from Pennsylvania and Virginia, all reportedly under a central command. They are the group Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe claims were better equipped than the Virginia State Police. Given their backgrounds, they are probably also better trained.

The watershed moment will occur if and when leftists feel they can (if you will excuse the phrase) “trump up” a case to impeach Donald Trump. If political manipulation succeeds in unseating a lawfully elected President of the United States, the citizen militias might decide – perhaps justifiably – that a lawfully elected government no longer exists, and that our government, after 200+ years, has finally become tyrannical.

In that case, what happens next is anybody’s guess.